Sicilian Folk Art

All of Andreà Cassar's artworks are for sale including his ceramics. Carmelo Rizza's artworks are not for sale however high quality canvas prints are available.

All canvas prints are first printed through a high quality printer, after drying they are painted by hand, no prints are exactly the same, they all become original pieces. Prints are coated with a high quality UV gloss varnish for protection.

Canvas print take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, and then ship when materials are fully dry. There are many different sizes that one may order, and all prints come with a certificate of authenticity. 

All commissioned paintings are required half deposit of the discussed price up front and the remainder before shipping. No commissioned artwork is started until the payment clears. If the customer decides not to fulfill payment at any time, all work will come to a halt.

If customer decides not to purchase the final commissioned artwork, the half deposit down payment is forfeited to the artist.​All shipping must be purchased with insurance value of the painting.

Canvas prints are to be paid in full including shipping/handling and insurance. Personal checks are accepted, money orders, bank checks, credit cards have an additional 4% charge including PayPal.

Andreà Cassar's Paintings

Layaway is possible on any original piece of artwork, including commissions. Layaway is not possible on canvas prints. 25% is required to start the layaway process. Once the artist and the client have established a time frame the remaining balance will be divided into acceptable biweekly/monthly payments.

If at any time payment is stopped or interrupted, work on the commissioned work will halt. Payments that are stopped or interrupted more then two payment cycles are forfeited and artwork is discontinued.

To purchase any artwork please contact us with:

• Your Name

• Phone Number

• Email Address

• The Name of the artist and art piece

​• Commissions - what type, examples

​• Canvas Print, size and name of painting

Thank you for looking at our family artworks!

Carmelo Rizza's Paintings